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What does the Meme Creator Plugin do?
The Meme Creator Plugin allows users to generate custom memes on demand, with as much or as little detail provided. With over 100 popular templates and advanced language generation capabilities, the plugin can create humorous, compelling, and high-quality memes.
Can I provide my own captions?
Yes, the Meme Creator can generate memes based on specific captions or text you specify.
Can I get multiple memes at once?
Absolutely. The plugin can generate multiple memes based on the context of the provided request.
How many meme templates are available?
Currently, there are over 100 of the most popular meme templates. We plan to increase this number significantly over time. you can find the current list of supported memes here
Can Meme Creator use known information to create memes?
Yes, the Meme Creator can create memes based on known information or web searches, such as the weather in a given location.
Can I control the tone of the memes?
Yes, you can provide a 'temperature' to guide the tone of the meme, such as requesting a 'snarky' meme about penguins or a 'serious' meme about climate change.

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